Welcome to Sunrise

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We are in the process of getting more pictures of the property so check back often!

As it stands now, Sunrise is perfect for shooting your horror film or period piece.  The property boasts beautiful, abandoned brick buildings, homes, landscapes, a YMCA (complete with auditorium, activity rooms, and beat up bowling alley), and ruins of what was formerly the worlds longest garage.  Once a model mining town in the early to mid 1900's, Sunrise was forced to close in 1980 when the price of iron was too low to sustain the mine.  Buildings were knocked down and nature was allowed to take over.

The richness of the iron and excavation in years past have shaped Sunrise’s landscape into what it is
today - a blend of forested areas, rocky terrain, and sweeping valleys, all bright with color.   Sunrise
is located one mile east of Hartville, Wyoming (home of the state’s oldest bar) and six miles north
of Guernsey, Wyoming, the small railroad town home to Wyoming’s Army Reserve.